2-1-1 partners with Suncoast Center to provide the Rape Crisis Hotline for Pinellas County.

If you have been raped, please call the Rape Crisis Hotline
at 727-530-7273 anytime 24 hours a day.

At 2-1-1 TBC, all 2-1-1 Specialists are certified by the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence. 2-1-1 Specialists are trained according to the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence Advocacy Core Training (ACT) and utilize the RIDES model (Relationship Building, Identifying the Problem/Need, Dealing with Feelings and Exploring Options, and Safety) for sexual assault crisis intervention.

We provide a caring ear for victims, their family, and friends. If you have been a victim or rape, please call, seek help, or talk with a family or friend.

Services are part of the Sexual Assault Services of Pinellas County coordinated by Suncoast Centers.